Do you need clear, professional technical documentation produced on schedule? Do you need other explanatory or descriptive material? User manuals, newsletter articles, interviews? I've written test questions and service level agreements, magazine articles and research reports. I can write nearly anything except fiction or advertising.

I have over 15 years' experience in the field of technical communication, primarily working with large Bay Area corporations, and have built a reputation for consistently meeting my deadlines. I can write for both technical and non-technical audiences. Unlike most tech writers, I have a graduate degree. Mine is in linguistics: I know more about how language works than most writers, and I know more about writing than most linguists.

I can teach. I have taught other writers: how to design effective presentations, the business cost of poor documentation, introduction to FrameMaker. I have taught Adobe FrameMaker to engineers, I have taught linguistics on the college level.

Besides Writing...

Producing technical documentation involves much more than writing. I can design documents, incorporating effective design principles based on research. I can create templates in both Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker. I can edit other people's writing. I can design document suites based on your needs. I have helped several organizations streamline their document production by switching from Word to FrameMaker, and taught them how to use FrameMaker.