My classes and presentations are informative and sometimes entertaining. They usually feature real-world examples and at least a little audience participation. Some include audio and video.

Here are the "canned" classes and presentations I have available. If you want a custom class or presentation for your company or group, let's talk.

For General Audiences

Forensic Linguistics: Real-life "CSI" with Word People

A view into linguistic analysis of anonymous texts. Uses authentic texts, some of which have been used as evidence in trials. Lots of audience participation. This is a crowd-pleaser. Approximately 75 minutes.

Deceiving without Lying: Non-cooperative conversation

A demonstration that the words' meaning and the speaker's meaning are not always the same. I examine a hidden-camera video to explain the linguistic subdiscipline of pragmatics. Did the people in the video tell the truth yet still attempt to deceive? Designed for lawyers, but accessible to general audiences. Approximately 30 minutes.

Managing Multiple Information Channels: Strategies for Effective Presentations

For anyone who needs to give a presentation (typically speech plus slides) in a business or academic setting. I explain the strengths and weaknesses of the different information channels available to the speaker--voice, slide show, handouts, etc.--and how to decide which channel to use for which information. Approximately 60 minutes.

For Specialist Audiences

Forensic Linguistics: Law and the Science of Language

An overview for lawyers of several subdisciplines of linguistics, with examples of how they can be used in the justice system. Includes video segment. MCLE credit possible. Approximately 90 minutes.

An introduction to Adobe FrameMaker

For people who are familiar with Microsoft Word. Explains how the two applications are different at their cores, and gives hands-on practice with FrameMaker. I have given this class to technical writers and microchip engineers; it is appropriate for anyone who needs to work with FrameMaker. Approximately 3 hours.

Unhappy Customers are Only the Beginning: Potential Costs of Poor or Missing Technical Documentation

Aimed primarily at technical writers and related professionals, this presentation describes some of the possible financial consequences of skimping on technical documentation, ranging from lost sales to debilitating lawsuits. The aim is to give people in technical publications departments information they can use to urge management to support the production of higher quality documentation. Approximately 75 minutes.

NOTE: I adapted this presentation into an article scheduled to appear in the February 2013 issue of Intercom, the magazine for members of the Society for Technical Communication.

Clarity in Death Penalty Jury Instructions

Applying knowledge of technical writing to the legal field. Presentation was given to the International Association of Forensic Linguists. Can be adapted for groups interested in simplifying legal language for the benefit of non-lawyers.