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Linguistic Consultant  
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Linguistics for the Real World

Linguistics is the study of language and how it works. My background in Linguistics includes the technical basics: phonetics, syntax, pragmatics, and other subdisciplines. My specialty is Sociolinguistics, how language works in human interactions: politics, business, and society, and the law in particular. I have a master’s degree in Linguistics and a certificate in Forensic Linguistics, in addition to an undergraduate minor in Communication.

I have not spent my career in academia, though. Most of my last three decades have been spent in the business world, primarily working in large corporations. Now I want to apply the knowledge available in the Linguistic community to business, legal, and other issues. I can analyze texts, I can teach linguistic concepts, I can advise on the use of language.

Talk to me. Find out how the tools of Linguistics might be applied in your world.